Based in Bath Uk, I am available for storyboard work. Full time, contract and freelance; I have the equipment to work seamlessly from my home studio in this period of enforced distancing.

Gutsy Animations UK - Currently part of the Story team.

Wildseed - A lovely lockdown, working on 5 episodes of an exciting new pre-teen childrens series.

Aardman Animation - Various projects, including Morph and Turtle Journey for Greenpeace.

Moonvalley - The 2nd series

Please do contact me to discuss your project.


A compilation of some of my boarded scenes.

Series director, Steve Box. 

Greenpeace 'Loss'

Director Gavin Strange at Aardman Animation

See the finished film here on VIMEO

View the storyboard below.

A test board

Unscripted, open brief, to depict a fight between a traditional Martial Arts fighter and a spear fighter, with Capoeira.

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A PDF showing the full storyboard frames will open in another window

Fun tests

No brief, just for fun.

Peraonal work. Movement test.
Personal work. Movement Test

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