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Based in Bath Uk, I am available for storyboard work. Full time, contract and freelance; I have the equipment to work seamlessly from my home studio in this period of enforced distancing.

Redefine at DNEG - Part of the story team on a new animated series. Details in the near future. 

Gutsy Animations UK - Part of the Story team on Season 3 (and previously season 2) of Moominvalley, Sky and YLE.

Wildseed - A lovely lockdown, working on 5 episodes of the exciting new pre-teen childrens series 'Dodo' for Sky.

Aardman Animation - Various projects, including Morph and Turtle Journey for Greenpeace.


A compilation of some of my boarded scenes.

Series director, Steve Box. 


Greenpeace 'Loss'

Director Gavin Strange at Aardman Animation

See the finished film here on VIMEO

View the storyboard below.

Morph 'Bytesize'
Director Merlin Crossingham  at Aardman Animation

A test board

Unscripted, open brief, to depict a fight between a traditional Martial Arts fighter and a spear fighter, with Capoeira.

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A PDF showing the full storyboard frames will open in another window

Fun tests

No brief, just for fun.